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HPC Documentation

For Icelandic National Computing resources


Icelandic High Performance Computing Centre (IHPC/IREI) provides researchers with free user support and facilities to model complex and difficult real world problems by providing hardware consisting of powerful CPUS, GPUS, fast I/O networking, data storage solutions.

IHPC/IREI is the Icelandic Research e-Infrastructure project, funded by the Icelandic Centre of Research infrastructure fund

Data management

Access is provided to a fast I/O, secure and multitier NFS server for the storage and analysis of large data (>TB).
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In total there are 6528 cores available, including 21 Nvidia A100 Tesla GPU cards. It stands currently at 628 tera-flops.
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The HPC cluster is managed by a Linux operating system. Bash shell scripting and interactive commands are used to work on the cluster and with the SLURM queueing service.
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Contact us by writing a formal application to and we will write back to you as soon as possible.
Requirements for applying can be found here


A high variety of compilers, numerical libraries and software environments are provided and maintained.
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Learn on the system

Learn more by reading through the documentation
starting here.