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Partitions & SLURM

To view information of the available nodes and partitions use the following commands


For more detailed information for a specific partition

scontrol show partition <partition-name>

The login and control nodes of Elja host two compute clusters: HPC-Elja and HTC-Mimir. Partitions and groups are used to separate the two.

HPC-Elja : Available Partitions / Compute Nodes#

CountNameCores/NodeMemory/Node (Gib)Features
2848cpu_192mem48 (2x24)192 (188)Intl Gold 6248R
5564cpu_256mem64 (2x32)256 (252)Intl Platinum 8358
4128cpu_256mem128 (2x64)256 (252)AMD EPYC 7713
3gpu-1xA10064 (2x32)192 (188)Nvidia A100 Tesla GPU
5gpu-2xA10064 (2x32)192 (188)Dual Nvidia A100 Tesla GPU

HPC-Elja : Job Limits#

Each partition has a max seven (7) day timelimit. Additionally, the queues any_cpu and long are provided:

  • any_cpu, all cpu nodes, one (1) day timelimit
  • long, ten 48cpu and ten 64cpu nodes, fourteen (14) day timelimit

HTC-Mimir : Available Partitions / Compute Nodes#

CountNameCores/NodeMemory/Node (Gib)Features
9mimir64 (2x32)256 (252)
1mimir-himem64 (2x32)2048 (2044)

HTC-Mimir : Job Limits#

Either partition has a fourteen (14) day timelimit.

SLURM Configuration#

SLURM is configured such that 3.94GB of memory is allocated per core.

Available Memory#

On each node 2-4 Gib RAM are reserved for the operating system images (hence the true value is in the paranthesis).