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The application, resource and user policies are outlined in three documents. These are the Rules and Regulations of the IHPC, Resource Policies and User Agreement documents.

Rules and Regulations#

The rules and regulation cover:

  • Who get access
  • Management of accounts
  • Data and storage
  • Special requests/agreements
  • Review and application of resource policies

Resource Policies#

Resource policies are implemented in order to facilitate fair and efficient use of the HPC resource. They cover

  • Etiquette on the login-node
  • Local disk spaces: /home/ and /scratch/
  • Deletion of account and data
  • Job scheduler
  • System maintenance

User Agreement#

The user agreement is in place to enforce good etiquette on the sharged resource. It covers

  • Responsible use
  • Use of resource for research only
  • To not access data outside of /home/
  • Safeguarding credentials

Current version#

The policies regarding the usage of the HPC resource are reviewed once a year by the steering committee.